Is My Medicare Number the Same as My SS Number?


Is My Medicare Number the Same as My Social Security Number? Usually it is but not always. If you qualified for Medicare on your own work history it will be your Social Security Number. Many people, especially women, did not pay into the Medicare system. They qualify for Medicare on their spouses work history. If that is the case their Medicare number will be his Social Security Number followed by a different letter than A. If he has a spouse and an ex-spouse all three will have the same number and a different letter.The letter has nothing to do with having Part A or Part B. That is shown on your card.
MyMedicare.Gov Source(s): Independent Agent


MyMedicare.Gov  -ok yes the Medicare Number and the Social Security Number are the same 2 identical numbers but with your medicare claim number the letter at the end of the number will either represent entitled Hospital (part A) or Medical (part B).
Source(s):For more info on Medicare Number then you can contact directly  (800-633-4227).


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